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The quest for financial freedom can be vastly accelerated through the power of business. By purchasing a business you can attain immediate cash flow that allows you to increase your financial position. Creating systems to manage that business will create long term wealth and cash flow that very few other investments can provide.

About Tim

Tim is an entrepreneur that believes everyone should explore the opportunities that business can provide on the path to financial freedom. He owns and operates a wine & liquor store, a Software startup, a consulting company and a growing portfolio of commercial and residential real estate. He is always on the lookout to acquire another business.

Tim’s Story

Tim grew up watching his parents operate their own businesses, and always knew that his path would eventually lead him to his own business. After years spent volunteering and working overseas, Tim returned to his hometown intent on building or buying a business of his own. For over a decade Tim has worked for himself in various entrepreneurial ventures.

Utilizing bank and seller financing Tim acquired a retail wine & liquor store which he was able to grow in value while using profits to pay down debt. Increasing value and reducing debt has led to increased equity and net worth.

Through owning a business Tim built a relationship with a plaza owner which led to the purchase of a commercial plaza in 2019, also with seller financing. Since that time Tim has acquired additional residential real estate to strengthen his financial position and is always in the market for another business.

Tim Delaney's Story Power of BIZ
How Power of BIZ Can Help

How Power of BIZ Can Help

If you are looking for a way to accelerate your journey to Financial Freedom then the purchase of a business should be on your radar. Using great terms on bank and/or seller financing you can acquire a cash flowing business that allows you to build equity fast.

If you already own a business Power of BIZ can help you design and implement systems that will allow you to successfully run your business with less and less of your involvement.

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Speaking Engagements

Tim is available to in-person & virtual speaking engagements as well as podcast appearances.

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